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Sustainable Seafood Production

Providing Year-Round product with Optimal Nutrition and Fish Welfare

As the world's population continues to grow, the need for protein sources increases.


For a millennia, coastal communities have relied on the unique water quality of their region to provide nutritious and delicious fish. Now, through advances in fish farming techniques, we are able to produce significant quantities of fresh fish year-round to meet this demand..



We are producing growing salmon to be transferred to seawater fish farms for final growout..


What differentiates our salmon production is our use of a combination of RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) and flow-through techniques.


We utilize RAS during the early stages of growth, and then transition to flow-through techniques when it is most beneficial for the development of the salmon. Additionally, by hatching the salmon ourselves, we are able to ensure a strong foundation for our unique salmon.


Throughout the entire growth period, our salmon are fed a diet of high-quality feed. We believe that providing optimal nutrition in aquaculture systems results in a healthy and premium products.  


Our cod is highly prized for its outstanding flavour, firm meat, and rich umami taste


Our cod is raised in a flow-through system, where water are filtered and UV-sterilized before it passes through the fishtanks once before being treated in efficient and reliable processes for sludge and effluent recovery.

Our commitment to utilizing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices ensures that we are producing high-quality cod while also protecting the natural environment.


Farming cod has its challenges, the biology is difficult and the economics are different. Nonetheless, we have been able to succeed through our expertise and dedication.

Fish welfare

We understand that maintaining the health of our fish requires not only a deep understanding of biology, but also a dedication to skilled and responsible care.


We are committed to promoting the well-being of our fish, ensuring their welfare, and protecting the environment while delivering the highest quality service and products.


We believe that providing optimal nutrition in aquaculture systems is essential in order to create a healthy and high-quality products. Our fish are fed a diet of premium, high-quality feed throughout their entire growth period wich helps to ensure that they are strong and healthy.      

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