Fishbase Group was established in 2014.

We have a license to produce 2 thousand tonnes of fish every year up to harvest weight.

Fishbase is located in the beautiful region of Helgeland coast at the edge of the Norwegian sea. Our location gives us the perfect possibilities to expand.

Fishbase Group is known as an innovative aquaculture company that supplies high-quality Atlantic Cod, Salmon, and Lumpfish. 


Fish welfare is our main priority, and with our knowledge and experience, we can ensure it. We continuously work to promote good fish health, maintain fish welfare, and safeguard the environment ensuring a high-quality service being delivered to our client.  

Our company uses a controlled and confined environment to raise fish until it is ready to process. The company uses both RAS (Recycling) and Flow-through technology to optimize the fish wealthier.

Fishbase Group AS is located in DØNNA, NORDLAND, Norway, and is part of the Aquaculture Industry.